BCIS Announces 2022 Scholarship Winners

scholarship 2022


Each year, Buena Vista Concordia International School gives out up to RMB640,000 in tuition scholarships to new and returning students in Middle and High School. 

On Monday April 18 BCIS awarded scholarships to 7 deserving students towards their 2022-2023 tuition. The awards were presented in small classroom ceremonies in keeping with COVID prevention protocols.

The scholarship winners are (amount of scholarship in parenthesis):

Principal’s Award (RMB80,000) – Diana Zhong and Tony Ren

Bursary (RMB80,000) – Sabrina Campos

Arts (RMB40,000) – Tina Ding

Character (RMB40,000) – Eric Du                   

Chinese (RMB40,000) – Jerry Fan                   

Technology (RMB40,000) – Terry Tan

The faculty, staff, administration, parents, and fellow classmates extend a warm and enthusiastic congratulations to these award recipients for their hard work, commitment to excellence, and overall contributions to the BCIS community.

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