Establishment of Education Advisory Board

We have always been committed to enhancing both local and international educational standards. Pursuing this goal, we have recently established an education advisory board consisting of scholars and administrators from prominent academic institutions in Hong Kong. The Board's objective is to lead the way towards excellence in higher education. We are proud to announce that each member of the Board is either our member or our alumnus. 

Moreover, we believe that the Board's expertise and guidance will be highly beneficial to our Synod, to our educational institutions and to all our students, empowering and equipping them to achieve more.

Let us work together to pursue excellence in education.

The following is a list of Advisory Board Members cum their positions:


香港協同教育學會Hong Kong Concordia Academy

顧問團Advisory Board

王于漸教授Professor Richard WONG Yue Chim


Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong


黃至生教授Professor Martin Chi-sang WONG


Associate College Head and Dean of Students of United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


俞宗岱教授Professor Samuel YU Chung Toi


Director of the Health, Safety and Environment Office of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 


楊立偉教授Professor Ben YOUNG


Vice President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


丘成棟教授Professor Stephen Shing-Toung YAU


Professor of Tsinghua University


A member of Princeton University's Institute for Advanced Study


崔康常博士Dr. CHUI Hong Sheung


President of Gratia Christian College


蘇主恩先生Mr. Joel SCHEIWE


Supervisor of Hong Kong International School

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