Who are we, who is BCIS?

Dr. Allan Yung,

The Executive Director of BCIS

In 2011, BuenaVista Concordia International School was opened to begin the next phase of educational service to the communities of China through the Concordia Hong Kong (協同) organization. The goal was and remains that BCIS will provide a high caliber education that nurtures the brain, body, and spirit. A holistic approach to educating young people is the hallmark of Concordia schools around the world, engaging students in a life-long journey in education and service, molding students through academic and personal growth.

To understand the question of who we are one must look closely at three aspects of the school. First is our student and parents. BCIS is a private school that serves local and foreign families, to provide a bright future where many doors and opportunities exist. Parents embrace the Concordia spirit and network of resources that provide support during primary, secondary, and university education and beyond. Student develop communication skills and create relationships with people all across the globe, becoming members of the Concordia family.

Second is that Concordia network. For nearly 200 years, more than 2600 schools in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia have brought children together with common methods, common goals, and have created a lifelong connection that enables people to serve one another. The newly formed Concordia Federation of Schools in Asia extends that rich heritage and seeks to further establish solid partnerships among the 50+ schools in the China and Hong Kong.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the one factor that helps to define who BCIS is and how we operate is our teachers. The school employs more than 50 teachers and staff, Chinese and foreign, who each prescribe to the belief that teaching and learning is a lifelong journey. Teachers support one another in the network, receive training from experts in the Concordia university system, share in service to other schools and communities, and in the end, propose and promote to students that we are all one big family.

This Concordia family is one that always and positively lifts students up to their full potential, empowering them to serve society and transform the world. It is a network of professionals who commit to the highest standards of education. Concordia, and BCIS, is a community where a passion for learning is ignited!

In your Service,

Dr. Allan Yung

The Executive Director of BCIS

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