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BCIS prides itself on providing students with a well-rounded, cross disciplinary, “All American” education.  The After School Activities, or ASA’s, are an exciting and important part of this mission and make us unique among other international schools.  ASA’s are offered Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:30 to 4:25. Each quarter, our students are able to choose from a variety of interesting elective classes covering a wide range of skills and disciplines.  Activities are designed to offer a noncompetitive framework for students to enrich their knowledge and experiential base in music, arts, sports, language, life skills and academics. ASA’s provide and exciting means for our students to enhance their own innate talents as well as develop new skills and proficiencies, giving them a competitive advantage across the board.

Some BCIS teacher-sponsored activities are offered at no additional charge (i.e. arts and crafts, painting, fashion, Spanish, Dance exercise, Lego building).  Fee based classes are also available including, but not limited to, activities using professional instructors in sports, dance and claymation. Please feel free to contact Ms. Lucy (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information!


2015~2016  After School Activities Schedule

2016-06-23 BCIS社区
Life Skills

Chinese Desert and Snack                       


Cooking Club -- Taste Buds


Gardening Club 园艺


BCIS Eagles Track & Field Team            

BCIS 鹰之队田径队  

BCIS Eagle Soccer Team 

BCIS 鹰之队足球队

Soccer 足球

Basketball 篮球

Table Tennis 乒乓球

Baseball 棒球

Dodgeball 躲避球        

Swimming 游泳

Tennis 网球

Light Sports

Aerobics 有氧运动                                 

Taiji for Kids 少儿太极          

American Games 美式游戏            

Yoga 瑜伽

Fun Games

Board games, card games, and puzzles      


Cheerleading 拉拉队 

Chinese Knot 中国结编织

Director's Cut 影视俱乐部

Lego 乐高

Schoolyard Games 室外游戏

Story and Puppet Crafts 听故事做手工

Zoo Club 动物天地       

Story Club 故事会

Clash of Clans (COC) 英语语言游戏

Music & Dance

Band 乐队                    

Basic Harmonica 口琴入门          

Ukelele Jam Session II 尤克里里 II          

Ballet for Beginner 芭蕾入门

Dance Team Club 舞蹈俱乐部

Lily Bear Dance 熊舞蹈

Drama 戏剧社

Glee Club 清唱合唱团

Performance Choir 表演合唱团

Chinese & Culture

Brush Writing 毛笔书法          

Chinese Character 偏旁部首学汉字 

Chinese Homework Monitoring 汉语学习 

Chinese Reading 阅读课

Chinese Songs 汉语歌曲

Chinese Story 中国成语故事

Chinese Speech 演讲与口才

CSL 对外汉语       

Xiang He Poem 相合歌


EFL 英语语言学习          

Engineering Design 工程设计

English Homework Monitoring 英语自习 

English Reading Center 英语阅读中心

Handwriting 英文书法

Mathlete 数学考试辅导

Newspaper Club BCIS 报社



Raz-Kids Reading Club 

Raz-Kids 俱乐部

Science Club 科学俱乐部

Spanish Initial I 西班牙语入门

Spanish Initial II 西班牙语进阶

Writing Center 写作中心

Yearbook 年册制作

Story Time 读书会

Art & Crafts

Art Club 艺术俱乐部 

Cartoon 卡通绘画 

Comic Book Club 漫画创作俱乐部         

Drawing Crafts 绘画手工

Claymation 彩虹手工坊



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