School Counseling




School Psychologist

Noelle Yeung

Since the new school year started, I have been busy getting to know the students and parents at BCIS. A part of my work is doing one-on-one counseling with students from different grade levels. Most of them were referred by parents with a couple from administration and teachers. I have encountered a couple situations in which students needed more immediate help with controlling their temper and emotions.

Another big part of what I do is working with parents. During conferences, I did a parent workshop with our school social worker on “ways to improve parent-child relationships”. In addition, many parents have scheduled individual appointments with me to discuss about their concerns regarding their child’s functioning at school or at home. I am very pleased that parents are reaching out to me and are always looking for ways to better help their children.

I have really enjoyed working with and helping the students, parents and staff at BCIS. 


Social Worker

Monique Hung

BCIS school social work service started in September 2015. My primary role has been working directly with individual students through teacher referral. I have also collaborated with the school psychologist and held a parent workshop about enhancing parenting skills and improving parent-child relationship.

In addition, I've also conducted classroom observation in an attempt to identify children who may benefit from receiving small group skills training. I will begin a series of training for students in need. The goal would be to enhance students’ personal development and social well-being.



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