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Dress Code for students
Uniforms must be purchased from the school with BCIS school colors. The school requests uniforms are worn on campus, during special occasions, assemblies, and field trips.

In the absence of school uniforms on ‘casual days’, BCIS students are expected to demonstrate pride in themselves and respect for others in their manner of dress and appearance. Student attire should be clean, comfortable and functionally appropriate for school activities. Extreme forms of dress, such as torn or ripped clothes, bare midriffs, high hemlines or low necklines, that detract from the instructional setting are not suitable. Clothing or jewelry displaying drug, tobacco or alcohol slogans or offensive messages is also unacceptable. Students are requested to take off hats or caps while inside the school building. Sports wear must be worn and is considered separate clothing from that worn to school that day. On physical education days, student footwear should be appropriate for sports activities.

Classrooms are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. Clothing that can be layered is most suitable to the changeable climate. During the hotter months, it is advisable for students to wear hats and sunscreen outside on the playground or on school outings as protection against the sun’s strong rays. During the colder months, students may consider wearing warm hats, extra layers of clothing, and extra socks to insulate themselves, as a great deal of body heat is lost through the head and feet.

As we are guests who are temporarily living in China, the school dress code should be respectful of the sensibilities of our host country, which has definite standards for student school attire. Therefore, the dress must always be modest and culturally polite.

Clothing that could be a distraction to the instruction program, affect the orderly environment at school, and could be offensive to our school or the numerous local officials and guests who visit school on a regular basis will not be allowed.


The following dress standards or personal adornment are not acceptable at any time:

  1. Torn, baggy or ragged clothing
  2. Shorts or skirts that are too short or too tight
  3. Clothing that reveals the midriff or is too low cut or too revealing. No “spaghetti strap” blouses or tank tops.
  4. Clothing that has logos or graphics that promote alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances or display subjects that are morbid, violent, sexual, or racist subjects that would be considered offensive or insensitive to any segment of the school or local community.
  5. Heavy make-up considered inappropriate for our specific school setting
  6. Extreme body piercings which could be considered a distraction
  7. Personal jewelry should not be considered distracting or outlandish by local standards
  8. Hats/caps while inside the school. Specific culture and religious attire is exempt.
  9. Students are expected to wear closed shoes in Science laboratories as they may handle potentially hazardous, hot or otherwise dangerous materials. An extra pair of shoes may be brought and left at school for this purpose.

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