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 “Concordia” is a Latin appellation denoting a sense of harmony and unity by which all Concordia International Schools operate. There are over 2600 Concordia Schools worldwide endeavoring to enhance and deepen the intellectual and moral aptitude of humankind by schooling children to appreciate the world around them and to perceive others as their neighbors and partners.


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Concordia Education

By pursuing excellence, both academic and ethical, Concordia International Schools participate in the perennial endeavor to enhance and deepen the intellectual and moral aptitude of humankind by schooling children to appreciate the world around them and to perceive others as their neighbors and partners.

Concordia Schools value the holistic approach to education. Thus, the process of education embraces science and the arts, and it is performed in an innovative way patterned about the American curriculum. Consequently, the instruction is not confined to finishing a certain amount of knowledge into children’s minds, but it is also focused on discovering and developing children’s gifts and it is aimed at bringing their potential to fruition.

Given that English is the language of instruction and our Concorida schools, our students are well equipped to continue their education in the United States or at any university within the British Commonwealth. While stressing the American curriculum taught in English by native speakers, Concordia schools are rooted in their regional context and therefore offers Chinese as one of the core subjects.

Our students, who come from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, enjoy the creative and holistic programs of the highest quality enriched with sports activities. We take pride in serving children entrusted to us and min making them lifelong learners and citizens of the world.

International Interface


International Interface

International interface is an initiative begun by Concordia Schools in Hong Kong to encourage exchange between Concordia schools in the United States and those here in China. An exciting part of this exchange comes to BCIS in the form of signing groups, sports groups, and drama groups that come to share their talents with us as well as with the Concordia schools in Hong Kong.

The visits of these groups offer the opportunity for our students to interact with Americans, experience some American culture, build relationships with persons from another culture and broaden their experience of the world through international interface. This diversifies the learning experience of our students, assists our students to cope with problems, and adds more opportunity for our students to learn English as they experience activities with the guests.

University System


Concordia University System

A wide variety of minor and majors offered within the Concordia University System allows the students of Concordia’s in Southern China to continue their education within the system and to find their niche. Given that the schools being a part of the Concordia University System are renowned for their academic excellence and for their professional integrity, they can be taken into consideration by the graduate students of Concordia’s schools in Southern China so that those students could move from one Concordia to another in order to earn their dream degree.



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