Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who operates BCIS?

Shenzhen Concordia Cultural Development, Ltd independently operates Buena Vista Concordia International School (BCIS).  BCIS is connected to the Concordia educational system with over 2600 schools worldwide.  There are Concordia schools in America, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and China.  In Hong Kong alone there are over 40, including an international school.  Most of Concordia schools are located in America, along with the Concordia University System, which operates 10 schools.  All Concordia schools enjoy a solid reputation in providing excellent, holistic education to students.

2. What curriculum does BCIS use?

BCIS teaches to the American Common Core standards as adopted by an overwhelming majority of U.S. States.  Textbooks and other resources are used that are in alignment with those standards.  You can find out more about the Common Core here:

{slider 3. Is there an age requirement for admissions? |closed|noscroll}

Yes. Students entering G1 must be six years old by the time of enrollment and students entering LTC must be five years old by the time of enrollment. There is no age requirement beyond G1.

4. Is there a discount for more than one child attending?

Yes.  While the first enrolled child is the full tuition rate, the second child is offered a 10% discount.  Subsequent children enrolled will receive a 20% discount on tuition.

5. Can tuition be paid in installments?

Yes.  Our policy outlines that tuition payments may be made on a yearly or semester basis.  A discount is offered for those paying for the entire year.

{slider 6. Will students study Chinese at BCIS? |closed|noscroll}

Yes.  Chinese language and culture is a compulsory course at BCIS.  The instructors are certified Chinese teachers, and the classes are designed to meet the curriculum requirements issued by the National Education Committee.

7. What opportunities for further study are available when students leave BCIS?

BCIS is a K-9 high school preparatory international school.  Parents, if they wish, will be assisted in applying for admission to Hong Kong Concordia International School and high schools in English speaking countries such as America, Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, etc.  There are also opportunities to apply and study at schools within the Concordia group of schools worldwide.

{slider 8. Can students attend Chinese public high schools after leaving BCIS? |closed|noscroll}

Students can apply to any high school they wish, however BCIS uses an American curriculum therefore it may not be the best choice for a student to apply for further study in the Chinese public system.

9. What after school activities does BCIS offer?

BCIS offers a wide range of activities and a variety of learning experiences, led by teachers and staff as well as outcomes-based activities led by outside professionals.  Some of the activities offered include sports, music, art, drama, languages, chess, and test prep.

10. Does BCIS have a school uniform?

Yes.  All students at BCIS wear a typical American style uniform.

11. Does BCIS provide bussing for students?

Yes.  Transportation is arranged using qualified and safe drivers.  In addition, each bus has a monitor assigned to help maintain safety and security while on the road.

12. What are BCIS teachers like?

All classroom teachers are certified and experienced educators from North America.  Teachers hold qualifications in the area they are assigned to teach, with over 75% of staff holding advanced degrees.  In addition, we employ highly qualified teaching assistants to work alongside teachers in the classrooms.

13. Do students at BCIS have opportunities to experience other cultures?

Yes.  BCIS accepts students of all nationalities, which promotes a diverse atmosphere on campus.  There are multiple exchange programs and opportunities for others to come to BCIS and share first-hand their language and culture with our students.  The school is also a part of the International Interface Program, which facilitates these types of opportunities.

14. How does BCIS help in communicating with parents?

Office staff and bilingual faculty are ready to ensure effective communication between the school and parents.  BCIS administrators are committed to open and transparent communication believing that there is a shared partnership between the school and parents to effectively educate all children.  Translation of documents are provided whenever possible.

15. What subjects will students at BCIS study?

BCIS is committed to the holistic education of students to help develop their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills.  All students learn in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, English/Language Arts, Chinese Language, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology.

16. Are there options for elective courses?

As BCIS continues to grow, specialized courses will be added.  Students also have opportunities for advanced work and selective learning through the After School Activities program.


17. Where do the BCIS graduates go?

90% of middle school graduates choose to attend high schools in the United States and other english-speaking countries, while a small number of student choose to stay in China to attend international high schools. BCIS will assist students in applying for high schools within the collaborative system, not only in English speaking countries, but also in Asia such as Hong Kong Concordia International School and Shanghai Concordia International School. BCIS is also actively planning on the future high school campus to provide sustainable education for primary and secondary school students.

18. What is the school graduation rate?

According to the graduation data, 100% of the school's graduates are enrolled in excellent high schools both abroad and in China. Previous middle school graduates of BCIS have been admitted to some of the world's top universities and awarded high-amount scholarships when applying to university.

19. How competitive are schools in the collaborative system?

Concordia schools are known for offering excellent, holistic education to students. Some of the concordia schools enjoy very high reputations, such as Orange Lutheran high school in California, has become one of the best private high school in southern California. Every year their students are accepted into the Ivy League and other top universities in U.S..

20. How can schools help students from public schools adapt to English learning Environment?

In terms of English language, besides regular classes, the school will provide rich language tutoring courses and one-to-one after-class tutoring. Students can choose their own language improvement courses according to their needs.

21. Are all BCIS courses taught in English?

Yes, all other courses except Chinese are taught in English by foreign teachers and assisted by bilingual academic counselors. 


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